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He just keeps getting better! 5 product stars
"So impressed have I been with the first two books in the Northland Series I downloaded the e-book version of Fimbul: The Awakening of the Wolf, as the paperback is not available until the 30th July 2014. I think Ashgillian is warming to his task and his writing seems to me to get better and better. Agreat addition to the series - recommended highly!" David P Elliot - 09/07/2014
Fimbul: The Awakening of the Wolf

Fimbul: The Awakening of the Wolf


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Michael T. Ashgillian



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By Michael T. Ashgillian

Fimbul is the third of a series of ten fantasy adventure books by Oxfordshire writer Michael T. Ashgillian.
Known as ‘The Northland Tales', the first book, Under the Tree, was published in 2103. and the second, The Fairey Flag, in 2014.

No-one could have known why three children were drawn through a gateway that led them into another world entirely. They had been called to its aid twice before. Now, for a third time, they would find themselves returning to that beautiful, magical, yet mysterious and often wild place.
The strength of the magic that they would encounter this time would be far beyond anything which they had ever experienced before.
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