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Red Cap Books proudly present two new titles:

Into the East by Michael T. Ashgillian the 4th in the Northland Tales Series.
It is one hundred years since the Fimbul winter. Danger no longer threatens the Northlands, but as a consequence, Alex has become restless and yearns for new adventure. Far from his kingdom, he finds what he seeks as he journeys into the east.

Into The East is the fourth of a series of ten fantasy adventure books by Oxfordshire writer Michael T. Ashgillian,

Known as the Northland Tales, the first book, Under The Tree, was published in 2013, the second, The Fairey Flag in 2014, as was the third, Fimbul (The Awakening of the Wolf).

Also launched this month 'Leeches & Breeches' a biography of F. V. Squires.

Front Cover Artwork - Into the East
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