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A remarkable first book 5 product stars
"This is a remarkable first book from new author Angie Spendlove. Finding yourself unmarried and pregnant in pre-welfare state Britain during the War is tough enough but what happens to this hapless young woman as she struggles to retain both her child and her dignity is both fascinating and in some ways terrifying, particularly as she falls under the control of some unbelievably cruel, and in my view, psychotic nuns. The structure of the book is fascinating as it is divided into two parts - part one tells the story of the mother Mary and part two Angela's story - as it impacts on the illegitimate child (the author Angie Spendlove). I recommend this book highly." David P Elliot - 05/05/2014
Changing Faces

Changing Faces


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ISBN 978 09926432-4-9

Angie Spendlove



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By Angie Spendlove

In 1944 in the UK at the height of World War II Mary McLeod, a 35 year old unmarried woman who had arrived in Oxford 3 years earlier, discovers she is pregnant.

So begins this remarkable true story of 2 people, Mary and her daughter Angela, the author of this memoir, as it follows the life of them both as they face up to the reality of a pre-welfare state Britain.

This memoir traces the impact of the prejudices and hardships experienced by Mary in her battle to keep her daughter and to build a life of respectability.

 Divided into two parts this fascinating memoir first tells the story from Mary's point of view describing her illicit affair, the horrors of being banished by her family and the roller coaster of emotions throughout her pregnancy and beyond.  The second part is from her daughter's perception of the sorrow and inconvenience she appears to have caused.

This is not a mis-memoir but is peppered with colourful characters and hilarious interludes. 

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