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CLAN - what a read! 5 product stars
"I have read the book CLAN by David P Elliot in three sessions! Normally, I am not a fast reader, but that novel is a real page-turner and utterly captivating! Once you start reading it, you just can t put it down! The story is told by a middle-aged, more or less frustrated Oxfordshire businessman who embarks on an epic journey up to the Scottish Borders, where he hopes to find out more about his ancestors, the mighty Elliot Clan. Not long after arrival, he and his family his daughter, son-in-law and beloved grandson who joined him on his trip get sucked into a heart stopping plot that started some 700 years ago... this novel is a fascinating amalgamation of historical facts and figures, the author s biography and supernatural fiction! Highly recommended to everyone who is interested in Scotland s eventful history, supernatural fiction and of course to the descendants of the proud Border Reiver Clan the Elliots. An amazing book full of passion, suspense and emotion brilliantly researched by the author. Also available as audio-book read by the author himself. Almost nine hours of suspenseful listening which sends shivers down one s spine and gave me goose bumps." Moccamocca - 08/06/2013
Clan is just brilliant! 5 product stars
"Not being the sort of book I would normally read, I was not sure to expect. Being of Scottish heritage, it intrigued me, and so I bought a copy. As soon as I started to read it I could not put it down. I thought it was an amazing book, with so much historical content intermingled with a truly great story line. I found I just wanted to keep reading and reading to see what was going to happen - and there are not many books that 'grab' me like that! I am really looking forward to reading 'The Gathering' now - cannot wait to get hold of a copy!" HelenC - 09/06/2013



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ISBN 9781905856039

Red Cap Publishing



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By David P Elliot 

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At Fifty Seven years of age, David Elliot, is frustrated, out of work and with three failed marriages behind him when he embarks on a trip to the borders of Scotland to try through his ancestry to find some validation of his life.

Accompanied by his daughter, son-in-law and his beloved grandson, Thomas, Elliot finds that far from bringing answers via his bloodline his very name has led his family into unbelievable danger.

 700 years of history threaten everything he holds dearest in life and the family encounter horrors and threats as myth and the real history of “The Bloodiest Valley in Britain” combine.

 The corruption of the rich and powerful today meet legend as Good and Evil clash over the lust for the ancient Throne of Scotland and power in the modern world.

Border Reivers, mythical creatures and heroes of Scottish history such as William Wallace and Robert the Bruce enter the story as the evil Lord, William de Soulis embarks on his vile plot to assume power of an unsuspecting world.

Only one thing stands against him – a family desperately trying to protect a child.

Their only weapon is their love of family… the power of their Clan.




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