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The Gathering 5 product stars
"By page 20 I was intrigued. 20 pages later, I was hooked. Chapter by chapter, the book draws you in. You might think that the end of a decent novel is in sight just halfway through, but not a bit of it. Instead this intriguing and clever plot deepens still further, with yet ever more unexpected twists and turns along the way. The Gathering is not only a great read but is also written with style." Steve - 11/07/2013
Finally ... 5 product stars
"After having read the author's first novel CLAN, it has been a bit of a wait for the sequel - but it was worth waiting for! The "hero" of CLAN, baby Thomas is now a grown man, and together with his family he embarks on another journey to trace his past back to where the adventure began ... nailbiting stuff!" Moccamocca - 08/06/2013
The Gathering 5 product stars
"Just two weeks now until the release of The Gathering. Luckily I've pre-ordered my copy. After having recently thoroughly enjoyed the chilling 'The Clan' this sequel can't come soon enough - though I won't be reading it too late at night! Make sure you make time before picking it up - if its anything like The Clan you won't want to put it down until you reach the last page." Steve Linnard - 16/06/2013
The Gathering

The Gathering


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ISBN 9780957341142

David P Elliot



Product Description

By David P Elliot
28 years after a young child is rescued from a supernatural attack the nightmares have begun.

Are these simply childhood memories emerging from somewhere buried deep in his subconscious? Or has the Evil really returned to attack him once more?

 In David P Elliot’s sequel to his historical supernatural thriller ‘Clan’, Thomas Ralstone needs to turn again to his family to understand what is happening and why a Russian mercenary is stalking him and seems determined to return him to the scene of his childhood nightmares in the Borders of Scotland and the dark brooding menace of Hermitage Castle where it seems a 700 year old curse is once again unravelling to threaten him.

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